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Ajax Axe

Ajax Axe is a multidisciplinary artist based out of a studio on the backside of Aspen Mountain. Here, she creates philosophical and raw sculptures of natural materials. Represented by Skye Gallery Aspen.

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A Civilized Monster.jpg
A Dark Horse.jpg
A War Story 2.jpg
Alchemical Rationalism 2.jpg
An Open Vessel.jpg
And Curiouser 2.jpg
Curiouser 3.jpg
Evolutionary Forces.jpg
In Search of Meaning.jpg
Mechanized Thinking.jpg
Permanent Halucinations 3.jpg
Reality Distortion Field 3.jpg
Self Portrait 3.jpg
Shaman of the Singularity.jpg
The Most Elusive Beast 2.jpg
The Prison 2.jpg
The Reality Warp.jpg
The Universe Within 4.jpg