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Aleph Geddis

A wood carver by trade, Aleph Geddis is a sculptor, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, who currently divides his time between workshops on Orcas Island, WA and Bali. Thoroughly taken by his hand carving skill, Skye Gallery is elated to present you his works for sale in Aspen, CO.

The sculptural works of Aleph Geddis live at the intersection of traditional methods and modernist forms, informed by a lifetime fascination with the foundational structures of our world. His shapes are striking when you first see them, and upon further inspection, his meticulous and mathematical approach becomes evident.

Aleph’s grandfather was Victor Steinbrueck who designed the Space Needle in Seattle, and you feel this heritage in his work. Aleph’s work is like a study of design in its purest form. He notes inspiration from other design staples such as Barbara Hepworth and Isamu Noguchi.

As his work evolves, there remains a consistent engagement with the simple elegance of natural forms. His recent works are traveling directly into the integral shapes of the Platonic solids, which Aleph experiences as holding a truth beyond human subjectivity, and a magical existence that precedes us and will outlast us, that we get the pleasure of experiencing and interacting with.

Growing up on Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest, Aleph spent many hours with his stepfather, a sculptor, carver and woodworker - a basis for his craft.

Geddis is attracting a new wave of devotees to the ancient and underrated technique of hand-carved wood.