Skye Gallery

Dinner's Ready

Dinner’s Ready


april 12, 2019 - june 4, 2019


Come and get it, Aspen! Dinner’s Ready. Let us welcome you to this experiential installation by Just Emerson; more akin to Meowolf than Aspen will ever get! Opening April 12th, reception from 6pm-9pm.

A true process artist, Emerson hails from the Northeast and has found home here in Carbondale, Colorado. Shown previously at galleries throughout town such as 1949, Taylor + Dane + Goulet, Harvey Preston, and Anderson Ranch - this is Emerson’s first solo show and we are honored to make space for him.

Dinner’s Ready includes seven installation pieces. Thematically-driven by a feeling of responsibility to create a visual pace that gives the viewer an opportunity to create their own rhythm, in a world that he finds chaotic.

These installations immediately connect you to the life of the artist. They are a vehicle to understand his obstacles and experiences with a heavy hand of humor. You will relate, laugh, ponder - or you won’t get it all. In which case you should go home and read a book. Historically Emerson has not written or explained his art, as he feels it is just a mysterious conversation waiting to be reimagined by someone else.

Come start the conversation and join us for dinner.

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