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Emerson CV

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Name: Just Emerson

Previous Name: John Emerson

The Beginning: Born 1983; Lowell, MA. Adopted 1988; Tewksbury, MA

Household: Mom, Dad, younger brother, younger sister.

Ethics: 1983-Present; Raised by a proud, blue-collar, self-taught carpenter and Stay-at-Home mom, rooted in the Northeast.

High School: 1998-2002; inconvenient.

Work: 1995-1999; Weekends in Boston with dad. Developing versatility, practicing diligence, appreciating money, earning respect, and contemplating future.

Spare time: Drawing, BMX ~ Creative Freedom

Higher Education: Options: 1) Art school: Unconventional, mysterious, risky.

                                                   2) Tradesman: Familiar, expected, safe.

Community College: 2002-2005; Lowell Massachusetts: Figure Drawing/Painting.      Talent revealing, despite past educational failures.

College: 2005-2008; Massachusetts College of Art and Design: Drawing/Painting. Comparing priorities: 1) Construction/Art making 2) BMX/Art making 3) Relationships/ Art making 4) Traditions/Art making 5) Problems/Art making 6) Beliefs/Art making

In between: 2008; Moved to Austin. Discovery: self-doubt

             2010; Moved to Seattle. Discovery: artistic clarity.

Graduate School: 2012-2014; New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.    Art making materials: 1) Construction 2) BMX 3) Relationships 4) Traditions 5) Problems 6) Beliefs

The effect: Living the life of a proud, blue-collar, self-taught, carpenter and Stay-at-Home mom, as an artist rooted in the art world.

Residencies and Fellowships:


Taylor + Dayne + Goulet Gallery

Aspen, CO

"Better View Than Me"


1949 Gallery

Aspen, CO

"Pink Elephant, AKA:Ms. Pokey the Bear"


Patton Malott Gallery: Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Snowmass Village, CO

Pink Elephant, AKA:Ms. Pokey the Bear"

Reflections on Synthetic Action: Group Exhibition


Anderson Ranch Arts Center  Snowmass Village, Co

Three Month Artist in Residence: Sculpture

The Launchpad

Carbondale, CO

"Subject to Change"

Square Footage: Group Exhibition

Attleboro Arts Museum

Attleboro, MA

"No Wares"

Eclectic Traditions: Group Exhibition

People's gallery at City Hall


"Making Ends Meet"

2015 Annual Group Exhibition


Turner Gallery

Alfred, NY

"Fortune Tellers Dream"


MFA Thesis Exhibition


Belfry Arts

Hornell, NY


Terra Firma

Alfred University 2014 MFA Prospective Graduate Student Show

Lawndale Arts Center

Houston, TX

"A Series of Work"

REady Made

In conjunction with the National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts (NCECA)-Houston, TX – March 20-23

Rhodes room Gallery

Alfred, NY

"Whenever, Wherever. However!"

Site specific Installation

Turner Gallery

Alfred, NY

"Art's Not Here"

One Night Only

Alfred University Randall Chair group show


Seattle, WA

Right of Way"

Local and international artists working with clay

On Display for the National Council onEducation for Ceramic Arts

(NCECA)-Seattle, WA - March 20-23, 2012