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Observation, Interpretation, Action : Art and Policy Now

A conversation between Artist Jody Guralnick and Environmentalist George Frampton.
George Frampton was the Chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality. In this capacity, he served as the senior environmental policy advisor to President Clinton and Vice President Gore. He has also been Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the president of The Wilderness Society. He is the founder of the Partnership for Responsible Growth, which seeks to build public support for carbon pricing as the optimal national climate change strategy. From the Partnership’s website: 
Climate change is the challenge of our time. Scientists agree that carbon emissions are a major cause of rising temperatures, severe weather, and drought. The Pentagon considers climate change’s impact to be a “threat multiplier.” Leaders of major financial institutions and leading companies recognize it is time for action. Many are taking steps to reduce or eliminate carbon in their operations. We can either rise to the challenge by acting now or accept that inaction will only lead to further decline of our quality of life, our prosperity, our national security, and our children’s future.
Jody’s work, The Fifth Kingdom is currently in the Skye Gallery. The Fifth Kingdom is the kingdom of Fungi, the kingdom of the great hidden labyrinths of growth and decay that support all life. Guralnick observes patterns in nature and seeks to replicate the universal order and form of that growth.
“I am interested in the symbiosis of the forest, the connecting and dismantling that goes on in equal parts. We can look at human vascular systems, or brain slices, or the view from an airplane window and see over and over again systems of networks working in partnership. We are attracted to these patterns because they are a part of us. I am painting a vision of pattern and connection.”

This is a conversation on an increasingly existential topic. Please come and participate.

Later Event: August 26
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