Skye Gallery


Skye Gallery was founded in 2016 by Skye Weinglass, an Aspen native artist who received her BFA from the University of San Diego, having studied painting and printmaking with a focus in intaglio etching and woodcuts. After graduating, Skye apprenticed under a master printer, where she helped create hand bound artist books; each book being a collaboration of printmaking artwork and letter pressed poetry. She also completed studio fine art in Florence, Italy and in Guadalajara, Mexico.

After detecting a strong need for exhibition spaces for locals in her hometown, Skye decided to venture into her own gallery space including a diverse collective of emerging and established artists, both local and global. Skye Gallery opened its doors to forge a community oriented  to showcase  artistic creations and inspirations collected during flight.

The gallery has the objective of providing a well-curated space which serves as a platform to encourage self-expression, expand perception, spark inspiration, and provide wisdom and beauty.  It is a pathway for gathering the community to honor and grow creativity through contemporary artistic practices.