Skye Gallery



Skye Gallery Aspen was founded in 2016 by Skye Weinglass - an Aspen, Colorado native and artist. After detecting a strong need for an exhibition space in her hometown, Skye decided to venture into the gallery space in order to highlight art and culture. As a gallerist, Skye’s mission is to promote underground artistic powerhouses and support the Aspen community and culture through various forms of self-expression.

Skye Gallery represents a diverse collective of emerging and established artists, from a local to global level of recognition.

In the beginning, Skye Gallery focused on representing solely female artists in order to enhance the local arts scene with a very distinct dialogue. But has since opened the platform to artists she finds genuine and deeply engaging. The artists Skye Gallery represents, such as Ajax Axe, Jody Guralnick, and Spencer Hansen, range from established artists with 40+ years of experience who reside in Aspen, to artists who live and create in Indonesia and are exhibiting their fine art for the very first time.

Aspen is an international hub for a range of interests, including art. In the three years of being open, Skye Gallery has had the exceptional opportunity to work with established collectors, cutting edge artists and inspiring talents.