Skye Gallery


Artist Gemma Danielle infuses reiki energy into mandala drawings at Skye Gallery

“Danielle’s solo exhibition of 11 mandala drawings opens Saturday at the Skye Gallery in Aspen. Throughout the show, which runs through Sept. 15, she plans to offer events to further the connection between her art and her practice — such as a mandala workshop and a sonic reiki journey.

A graphic designer by training, which gave her a strong foundation in proportion and ratio, Danielle started drawing to relieve her own stress after long days at work at a Denver firm. She had been taught reiki, a practice that immediately and deeply resonated, and her first mandala “came out” after receiving a reiki healing.

Over time, explained Danielle, her drawings began to impact others. She sold out her first solo show in 2012, and then a second.”

Skye Weinglass