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The Fifth Kingdom


august 12, 2018 - november 20, 2018


This work functions at the intersection of the world we blatantly recognize, and what we can see if we look closer still. What are the larger truths that govern life on this planet? Rods, spheres, buds, blossoms and leaves that make up our earth collide with the roots and networks that link it all together. Through an accretion of small marks, large systems are replicated. This is work that seeks to call attention to the detail.

Through the closer still lense one can observe lichen growing on rocks, slowly, slowly, digesting the minerals from the rock and nutrients from the air. Growth takes a universal order and form. There is a symbiosis of life, equal parts of connection and dismantling. We are attracted to these natural patterns because we experience them.

The Fifth Kingdom, in taxonomy, is the kingdom of Fungi.

The kingdom of the great hidden labyrinths of growth and decay that support all life.