Skye Gallery

This Is Beautiful Because You Are Beautiful

This Is Beautiful Because You Are Beautiful


july 20, 2019 - september 15, 2019


In her first solo exhibition at Skye Gallery Aspen, entitled This Is Beautiful Because You Are Beautiful, artist Gemma Danielle presents a new series of eleven mandala drawings.

Seeking to understand the transcendental through nonobjective form and the languages of mathematics and physics, Gemma Danielle uses the ancient meditation tool of the mandala as a revelatory symbol of cosmic truth. 

The mandala appears to us in all aspects of life. Meaning “sacred circle,” the word mandala is derived from the word “mandra” which means “container of essence.” Silently repeating prayers, or mantras, with each line drawn, Gemma’s mandalas act as containers of these ideas and intentions set while creating. 

These drawings also strive to reflect the intricacy of our own delicate conscious body. We are precisely organized systems of light, cells, space, and spirit. The beauty perceived in these mandala drawings is the reflected projection of one’s own beauty, self-implicating into an infinite feedback loop of quantum revelation. These works are beautiful because we are beautiful.