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Spencer Hansen Art

“Artists are not bound to one medium and the more we learn to play and experiment, the more newness can be born”. 

Spencer Hansen graduated from San Francisco Art Institute in 2006.  He is an interdisciplinary artist whose imagination and intellect intertwine to create playful art thoughtfully sourced, designed and constructed. Spencer works primarily with natural materials, hand making detailed art that is the antithesis of our disposable culture. Endlessly experimenting with processes and fueled by curiosity, his work flirts with the relationship between light and time, texture, weight and form.

In addition to Spencer Hansen Art, which includes painting, sculpture, masks and photography, he is also the co-founder and creative director of Heathen Clothing and BLAMO toys, both conceived in rural Idaho and developed into established independent companies. When he is not experimenting in his Bali workshop, (designed from recycled Javanese boat wood and home for himself and co-workers), he travels between his home state of Idaho, Orcas Island, Japan, California and Europe. His photography merges the natural and supernatural. The beauty of nature is often combined with otherworldly elements drawing you into a landscape filtered with imagination. 

Spencer’s popular line of custom masks explore the process of transformation, not much different than the act of creating one. By wearing a mask, we are not hiding behind, but emerging from, an act of becoming, allowing a new and uninhibited relationship to self and surroundings. 

“My goal is to create objects that are the antithesis of our disposable culture, composed of natural materials like leather, wood, and brass. I want to create creatures that are alive in our minds, quirky yet substantial - making art that lasts and is not bound to fickle fads. I like to create outside of the popular ideas of how beauty is defined.

I make because without this process, I feel lost”.